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The important role that a Political Action Committee (PAC) can have in an organization is often underestimated. Confusion frequently stems from the unfamiliarity of the definition of a PAC and its responsibilities.

    • A PAC is simply a group of individuals who pool their financial resources to help elect candidates to public office — men and women who share the group's interests and concerns about public policy issues.

    • PACs at the federal and state levels play a positive role in strengthening representative government by getting more people involved in the political process.

    • PACs provide people, many who have never done anything more political than vote, a convenient and meaningful way to exercise their citizens' rights.

Please consider a generous donation to our political action campaign (PAC) this year. We anticipate an extremely active legislative session where we will have to be both proactive and reactive on a number of fronts. PAC is an important way your company can help with this effort.

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2022 NYSBCA Legislative Priorities

Through working with the legislature and the second floor, we will continue to be in the forefront of advocating for the right level of resources to ensure that the goal of keeping kids safe is not sacrificed on a narrow-minded budget mentality that is both penny-wise and pound foolish. Accountants and budget experts have an important role to play, but we must always remember that at times these fiscal experts have a trained incapacity to understand larger and meaningful public policy goals.

NYSBCA will advocate for the following school transportation priorities and work with the Governor, the State Legislature, and to the Board of Regents to ensure they are given every consideration for the 2022 Legislative Session:


  • The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act enacted in 2019 establishes goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and 85% by 2050 from 1990 levels. School bus fleets are targeted for conversion to electric power to assist in achieving those goals.

  • It is imperative that there is full compensation from government to cover electrification costs including infrastructure expenses. This means that the government must provide for full funding of the differential cost between a clean diesel or gas-powered bus and an electric powered vehicle.   Many of our members are at the forefront of the electrification movement and we will position our association as the experts in this arena.  

  • This is another example of why there needs to be room for contract modification between contractors and school districts that will account for these increased costs.  Otherwise, the state’s goal will be severely hindered as many of the contracts are for a 5-year term and current law does not allow for the contract to be modified unless it does not come at an additional cost to NYS and is to further ‘safety’ initiatives. 


  • As stated above, current law does not permit contract modification when it is in relation to wages, benefits, or compliance.  This is necessary for the reasons noted above and furthermore, to assist contractors and their school districts to find creative ways to address the school bus driver shortage and receive compensation for doing so.  The current school bus driver crisis is a perfect example of why this initiative is more necessary than ever.
  • Mutually agreed upon with districts and approved by state


  • Schools’ initial decision not to pay during shut down sent thousands on unemployment without healthcare and has only exasperated the pre-existing driver shortage.  The elected officials need to see how the lack of guaranteed payment for 180 days, per the contracts, has had dire consequences for New York’s school children and the ability to get children to and from school.  There are numerous articles that tell the story of school start up statewide being jeopardized due to the lack of payment.  This is why it is imperative that payments of transportation aid are continued in full during Executive ordered school shutdowns or school closures caused by natural disasters. Certain school transportation operations must continue during extended school closures to guarantee continuity of service when schools reopen for in person learning.


  • Every year under the prior administration, the executive budget proposal included a provision to eliminate ‘expense-based’ aid models for transportation and capital building expenses.  This would cut out millions of dollars in funding to pupil transportation and doesn’t account for the volatility of transportation costs that must be reimbursed by the state on an expense-based system.


  • This is the one initiative that will have the greatest as well as long-term impact on the school bus driver shortage.

  • In addition to using the tri-state area as an example in support of 3rd party permit testing as well as road testing, we will advocate for dropping some of the onerous parts of 19-A and allowing drivers of N-1 vehicles to be carrier certified.

  • We are certain that 3rd party testing is a significant adjustment that will impact long term capacity and make most if not all of these current shortage issues obsolete.   We know that this would bring the biggest and most impactful change and at the same time require the lowest effort from the state and build immediate capacity. 

As always, we will continue to track and monitor legislation that can potentially hurt the industry and make sure that NYSBCA is a part of discussion with the key-decision makers on these initiatives.  Our goal is always to educate the elected officials as to the practicality and reasonableness of any proposal and to continue to be the industry experts that the elected officials come to whenever they are confronted with anything pupil transportation related.

For additional information contact: Bradley Gerstman, Esq., Gotham Government Relations at (516) 880-8170 or bgerstman@gothamgr.com.

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