TranSubro, Inc. (Transportation Subrogation Services)
TranSubro is the only company of its kind devoted to the collection of auto accident damages for the transportation industry. We specialize in the collection of LOSS OF USE and DIMINISHED VALUE damages. TranSubro employs a staff of paralegals keeping abreast of the laws governing loss of use collection nationwide. Our founder and CEO, Kevin Lowry is an attorney and a retired Police Chief of the Nassau Police Dept. in NY. Mr. Lowry knows about auto accidents from every angle.  At TranSubro, we never send our clients a bill. We just send checks every 2 weeks. You are in the business of transporting America’s most precious cargo. TranSubro is in the business of nagging insurance carriers. You are probably not getting everything you are entitled to when someone hits your bus. We can do a free audit of your old claims going back as far as your state’s statute of limitations permits. We WILL find additional money for you that’s rotting away in your file cabinets. Call us today or visit our website.

Management Staff:

Kevin Lowry, President

Rudd Lowry, Vice President

In lieu of a Zoom Meet & Greet, please call/text Kevin Lowry at (516) 578-0791 to discuss TranSubro, Inc.

Exhibitor Content:

Video: Meet the Team

Video: Our Exclusive Claims Review Process

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