Safety Vision
Our solutions are geared towards maximizing student safety and enhancing vehicle surveillance in and around the vehicle at a budget-friendly cost. Our wide-view interior cameras continuously capture every moment within the vehicle; encouraging healthy interactions between students, and drivers and parents. The exterior cameras solve a multitude of issues that come with operating school vehicles: automatically collect stop-arm violations, optimize bus maneuvering through a bird’s eye view of the bus, and receive vehicle health reports. Ultimately, our solutions offer a cohesive and attainable solution for your student safety and security needs. 

Contact Staff:

Brandon Blood, New York Account Executive
(646) 350-4885

Exhibitor Content:


VIDEO: Automatic Temperature IR Reader

VIDEO: Safety Vision Pupil Transportation

Automatic Temperature Reader (Non-Contact Thermometer for School Buildings/Buses)

Mobileye System (Collision Avoidance Solution)

School Bus Mirror Monitor with Exterior 360° Birds-eye Camera View of Bus (Driver Enhancement)

Stop Arm Camera Technology (School Bus HD Stop Arm Cameras)

Interior Bus Camera Technology (Scalable Bus Camera Technology


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